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Is it bad to be recruited by a college as a sophomore?

QUESTION: Is it bad to be recruited by the most exclusive liberal arts college in the U.S. in only your sophomore year? Or should I take it as a compliment that they want me already? Signed, In Pursuit

Dear In Pursuit: You can take it as a compliment when colleges express interest in you. Typically, colleges start sending letters and catalogs to students in their junior or senior years. They target students who excel academically, athletically or in another way. For this to happen when you are a sophomore means that you must be pretty outstanding to catch their attention.

We recommend that you find out more about the college to see if you are interested in what it has to offer. Is it strong in the area in which you may major? Does it offer classes in subjects in which you are interested? Will it prepare you for your future career? Does it provide the kind of campus environment that you want?

You know and the college recognizes that it's too early for you to make a decision about where to attend, but it's never too early to begin thinking about that decision.

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