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Are there scholarships for law school?

QUESTION: I'm a 29-year-old who is interested in going to law school. How can I get scholarships when so many are geared toward high school seniors? Signed, Future Law Student

Dear Future Law Student: Indeed, many well-publicized scholarship opportunities are aimed at high school seniors. However, with a little digging you can find awards for almost any field of study at nearly every level.

The first place to look is at the schools to which you are applying. Most law schools provide merit-based scholarships for entering students. For example, Baylor University offers awards for first-year law students based on undergraduate grades, LSAT scores and personal difficulties overcome. Check with each school's financial aid office to learn about specific institutional scholarships and financial aid.

The second source of scholarships for law school is through your community. Businesses and civic organizations often offer awards for local students. Your employer may offer educational support. Also, inquire with your local bar association and other professional legal organizations. Some of these awards are only open to students pursuing advanced degrees such as a Master's, Ph.D. or, in your case, a law degree. The American Bar Association has a great listing of contests and scholarships for law students on its Web site at

It will take some searching, but don't give up because you will find awards that are available to you.

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