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How do I get college applications and scholarship information?

QUESTION: This is a basic question, but how do I get applications from colleges, and how do I apply for the scholarships that they offer? Signed, Back to Basics

Dear Back to Basics: To get applications from colleges, all you have to do is ask. You can request an application in a number of ways. Most colleges accept requests through their Web site, by telephone or by mail. Almost every college also has its application online.

Along with the applications, you will also receive college viewbooks, which offer additional information about academic offerings, social life and admission procedures. Many of these viewbooks provide information about scholarships that colleges offer. You can also get information from colleges' Web sites or from contacting their financial aid offices.

In addition to financial aid that is based on financial need, many colleges offer scholarships based on your academic or extracurricular achievements. Oftentimes, when you apply to the college you are automatically considered for these awards and don't have to complete a separate application.

To find out more about the scholarship opportunities offered by the colleges and how to apply for them, contact their financial aid office.

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