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Science Whiz

Science Whiz

By: Jerry Guo
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9781932662191

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About Jerry Guo
Jerry Guo is the author of Science Whiz: How One Student Used Science to Get into College and Win $100,000 in Scholarships (and You Can Too!). An undergraduate at Yale University, he is a freelance writer for Science, Nature, and The Scientist, a reporter at the Yale Daily News and the winner of more than $120,000 in scholarships. Jerry has worked in research labs at NIH, Caltech, and the Yale ecology department.


  • Take your interest in science to the next level while still in high school
  • Develop powerful independent research projects
  • Find the perfect project and win competitions
  • Land a coveted internship or research position
  • Make your college application stand out and write solid essays
  • Win scholarship money
  • Get published
  • Spend each summer on adventures around the world--all paid for!--that will make you friends curse the day they majored in English or Social Studies

What's Inside

Author Jerry Guo went from making the world's strangest kind of honey in high school to winning more than $120,000 in college scholarships. Now you can learn from his valuable experience and get invaluable advice on how to turn your passion into a ticket to a great education and fascinating career. Being a science whiz is your key to a free top-quality education and an amazing lifetime career.

Table of Contents
Section I: Senior Year
Section II: Lessons Learned
Lesson 1: Explore Science Early and Feed Your Curiosity
Lesson 2: Pursue Your Passion Outside of School
Lesson 3: Develop Interests, Topics and Questions
Lesson 4: Enter Science Fairs
Lesson 5: Make Connections
Lesson 6: Challenge Yourself in School
Lesson 7: Learn How Labs Work
Lesson 8: Consider Summer Programs and Internships
Lesson 9: Find a Mentor
Lesson 10: The Power of Research
Lesson 11: Do an Independent Project
Lesson 12: Publish Your Results
Lesson 13: Enter Competitions
Lesson 14: How about Summer Camp?
Lesson 15: Apply for Scholarships

Section III: Timely Tips for College
Tip 1: Highlight Your Projects
Tip 2: Get Recommendations
Tip 3: Make the Most of Scholarships (and more!)
Tip 4: Consider the Tech Schools
Tip 5: Hone Your Hook
Tip 6: Covering Your . . . .Bases
Tip 7: Work at a University
Tip 8: Create a Resume
Tip 9: Enjoy the Summer after Graduation

Appendix A: Research Paper
Appendix B: Articles
Appendix C: Science organizations
Appendix D: Websites
Appendix E: Free Online Course Material
Appendix F: Peer-reviewed journals
Appendix G: Popular science publications
Appendix H: Books


“Science Whiz is entertainingly told by a true ‘wunderkind.’ I wish I had this resource when I was in high school. A must for all would-be whizzes who want to take control of their universes.”
--Richard Stone, author of Mammoth: The Resurrection of an Ice Age Giant and Asia Editor of Science Magazine

“Science Whiz is an excellent example of how young scientists can succeed with access to the right resources. The Siemens Foundation is proud to have its author Jerry Guo as an alumni of the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology. This book is full of tips and tools that students need to consider to be top contenders in science based-competitions.”
--James Whaley, President, Siemens Foundation, which sponsors the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology

“Jerry Guo is an extremely smart and talented guy. The stories he’s written for our magazine--from places like China and Easter Island--are as good or better than lots of stuff I get from writers with decades of experience. That’s pretty impressive, considering he’s 19. I’m not ashamed to predict that we’ll all be working for him one day.”
-- Ivan Oransky, MD, Deputy Editor, The Scientist magazine, adjunct professor of journalism at NYU and clinical assistant professor of medicine at NYU

“Jerry Guo’s book offers an exclusive look into the world of science and gives great tips on how to get started with research. It is an essential resource for aspiring scientists, combining solid writing with accurate reporting of what goes on in science labs and how real research works. The book is a fast-paced, informative account of his successes in science and how other students can follow in his footsteps.”
--Dr. Gisella Caccone, Senior Research Scientist at Yale University and Director of the YIBS Conservation Genetics Laboratory

“By writing this practical and entertaining book, Jerry Guo demonstrates not only his passion for science but his commitment to helping others. Jerry leads by example encouraging other young people in the pursuit of their dreams while giving back to society in a positive manner.”
--Bob and Jan Davidson, co-founders of the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, sponsor of the Davidson Fellows scholarship program

“I applaud Jerry Guo’s ambition and achievements. As the mother of two whiz kids who aren’t afraid to be smart, I celebrate Jerry as a role model. Parents: read this book and teach your children that it’s cool to hit the books, study hard and make your dreams a reality.”
--Dr. Laurie Rozakis, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Research Methods and co-founder of the Young Students Writing Program at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

“The American Junior Academy of Sciences (AJAS) is honored that an AJAS Fellow has taken the initiative to put together this ‘one-stop’ guide for conducting science research in high school. This book is fun and easy to read. We highly recommend this book for the beginning and advanced high school researcher, their teachers, mentors and parents.”
--Joan M. Messer and Lee Brogie, AJAS Directors

“We need to cultivate future innovators, yet many students with an interest in science are unaware of the opportunities currently available to them during their middle and high school years. Jerry Guo conveys an enthusiasm for scientific research along with practical information and advice to help interested students enter the scientific enterprise and the university.”
--Dr. Scott Holley, Yale University professor of molecular biology

“The more resources and information for academically achieving students in science and math, the better! This book is helpful because it is based on the author’s first-hand experience.”
--Joann P. DiGennaro, President, Center for Excellence in Education, which sponsors the US Biology Olympiad and Research Science Institute at MIT

“If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s life after the science fair, Science Whiz is your ultimate guide to taking your love for science toward adventure, college scholarships and great lab experiences. And it’s all done with a down-to-earth approach and a sense of humor.”
--Maxine Levaren, author of Science Fair Projects for Dummies

“This book highlights many of the fantastic opportunities and resources that are available for high school students. It’s wonderful to have so many comprehensive listings complete with info bits and tips all in one place.”
--Sarah Langberg, $50,000 Grand Award Winner at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2004, winner of $115,000 in college scholarships and Princeton University student

“Jerry Guo is a clear-sighted and promising scientist. He was a superb summer student at Caltech.”
--Toshiro Ito, Principal Investigator of Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, National University in Singapore and former postdoctoral fellow at California Institute of Technology

“Jerry Guo’s book offers the view of an undergraduate student into the world of science and gives useful tips on how to get started with research.”
--Dr. Ylenia Chiari, postdoctoral associate at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University

“This book has a plethora of helpful tips about conducting research as a high school student as well as making the most out of high school. Jerry Guo is a student who chased his curiosity, paved his own path through high school, succeeded and is now sharing his valuable insight with the world. Many opportunities that he suggested in the book— such as ‘study abroad in high school’ and ‘take advantage of free college classes’— were things that I never thought of in high school!

“Besides being informative, this book is a fun read as well. Jerry provides rather serious advice about all sorts of dreadful things (like applying to college!), but he deftly uses a lighthearted and humorous tone, and he’s not afraid to laugh at himself. He tells his life story as a kid with perpetual curiosity, genuine passion, a strong sense of drive and—above all—a sense of humor.”
-- Lucie Guo, $100,000 First Place Winner at the Siemens Westinghouse Competition in 2005, winner of $110,000 in scholarships and Harvard University student

“Full of valuable advice and personal experience, this easy-to-follow book offers great suggestions for any high schooler passionate about science. Jerry Guo regales the reader with humorous anecdotes of gooey’pseudo-honey’ trails, cross-global travels and a ‘personal Yoda,’ which are especially enjoyable to read and add a colorful touch to his serious tips of what to do-- or not do--to be successful with science fairs, scholarships and college applications. A great choice for the ambitious high school science student who wants to go far!”
--Lisa Glukhovsky, $50,000 Grand Prize Winner at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2003, USA Today All-USA High School Academic First Team in 2004 and Princeton University student

“Why reinvent the wheel of high school research when you could just read this book? Conducting meaningful research in high school can be challenging. This book lays out a variety of useful tips and tricks that will help you initiate and carry out a successful project. Anyone wanting to get started on research while in high school stands to learn a lot from Jerry Guo.”
--Josh Sommer, USA Today All-USA High School Academic First Team and recipient of a full-ride scholarship to Duke University

“Science Whiz is at the same time very informative and entertaining. Jerry Guo has clearly laid out important lessons and tips that every high school science student aspiring to win prestigious competitions or gain entry into top colleges should know about. It would have been great to know some of these tips when I was competing in science competitions and applying to college!”
--Shiv Gaglani, Founding President of the Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association, USA Today All-USA High School Academic First Team and Research Science Institute counselor

“I know from personal experience how exciting and rewarding participating in science research can be in high school. This book offers a wonderful resource, while remaining fun and innovative. I recommend it to any student looking to explore and expand upon an interest in science.”
--Meredith MacGregor, $50,000 Grand Prize Winner at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2005, USA Today All-USA High School Academic First Team, recipient of $135,000 in scholarships and Harvard student

“Jerry Guo provides valuable insight on the process of applying for and succeeding in prestigious science talent search competitions. His immense success with each of these competitions gives him a rare ‘inside’ perspective of which strategies work and which don’t. In addition, he helps form the bridge between success in high school and success in college--how to get into elite colleges by presenting one’s achievements to give them the credit they deserve. Jerry’s light-hearted (and at times, self-deprecating) humor holds the reader’s attention throughout the book, making it an enjoyable read for all audiences--high school students, parents and budding young scientists of every type.”
--Po-Ling Loh, $50,000 Second Place Winner in the Siemens Competition, Gold Winner in the USA Math Talent Search, USA Today All-USA High School Academic First Team and Caltech student

“This book gives an insider’s view of various resources available to high school students interested in doing research. It is a fun read and the information presented is valuable.”
--Yuanchen Zhu, $50,000 Grand Award Winner at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2004 and Harvard University student

“Jerry Guo’s book captures how far a love of learning can take you. … I wish I had had a resource like this book when I was in high school, as it encapsulates so much information about scholarships, competitions and internships that I had to seek out on my own (and never would have found if it weren’t for my mentors!) … I encourage high schoolers to use Jerry’s book to help them pursue research and study in science, as it will not only help them understand the world in comprehensive and unpredictable ways, but also it can bring about academic recognition and career success.”
--Molly Fox, USA Today All-USA High School Academic First Team in 2004, author, intern at Vanity Fair, Cold Spring Harbor Lab and Yale-New Haven Child Study Center and Yale University student

“I wish I had this book when I was applying for science competitions and scholarships. Jerry Guo does a great job compiling the information about the competitions. This book should be on every guidance counselor, science teacher and budding scientist’s bookshelf.”
--Lindsay Haines, 2006 USA Today All-USA High School Academic First Team and Yale University student with a patent pending on a wearable breast exam apparatus

“Delivered from a charmingly personal perspective, Science Whiz provides a complete and accurately detailed guide to pursuing extracurricular academics in high school.”
-- Brett Harrison, 2005 Davidson Fellow, 2006 USA Today All-USA High School Academic First Team, Second Place Winner at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and Harvard University student

“Success results when hard work meets opportunities. This book helps you maximize success by guiding you towards opportunities that you otherwise might miss.”
—Dayan Li, Grand Prize Winner at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2007 and Harvard University student

“Competing in science competitions is a wonderful way for high school students to establish a work ethic, find their passion in a realm beyond high school subjects and dip their toe into the real world of professional science. In this book Jerry Guo clearly defines the intricate process required for successful science projects and highlights the terrific life and college opportunities these competitions offer their participants.”
—Sarah Kate Rapoport, $50,000 Grand Prize Winner at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2006, USA Today All-USA High School Academic First Team in 2006, author of History’s Real-Life Cinderellas and Brown University student

“This book provides useful guidance for people who are interested in any field of scientific research.”
--Jonathan Cross, USA Today All-USA High School Academic First Team and recipient of a full-ride scholarship to Duke University with a patent pending on a fuel-cell system

“Let Jerry Guo guide you through the challenging transition from high school to college and through a deeper transition from complacency to curiosity. Jerry recounts the ups and downs of his forays into science with plenty of tips to learn from. He reminds us that a little curiosity can fuel the most exciting journeys.”
--Mark Schneider, $100,000 First Place Winner in the Siemens Competition in 2003 and Yale University student

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Science Whiz

Science Whiz

By: Jerry Guo
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