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What is a hopeful or exciting trend in college admission?

QUESTION: We hear a lot about what's wrong with the admission process like that the SAT is culturally biased or that colleges are turning away thousands of qualified students, but what is a hopeful or exciting trend in college admission? Signed, Thinking Positive

Dear Thinking Positive: When students sit down to take the SAT, many of them think that their scores will make or break their chances of getting into college. And while colleges are primarily concerned that students are able to handle the academic courseload, they are widening their evaluation of students beyond grades and test scores.

This is a recent trend that we view positively. Even some of the largest public institutions in the country that receive tens of thousands of applications are moving to give greater weight to students' essays, extracurricular activities and achievements and recommendation letters.

For you this means that if you don't have a perfect academic record, your other achievements and the essay that you write will help you to get accepted. Share with the colleges your talents and abilities that are not easily reflected on your academic transcript. Ultimately, this trend is giving you much more control over the admission process.


Gen & Kelly Tanabe
Gen and Kelly Tanabe are the founders of SuperCollege and the award-winning authors of 11 books on college admission, financial aid and scholarships. Together they were accepted to all of the Ivy League colleges and won more than $100,000 in merit-based scholarships to graduate from Harvard debt-free.

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