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Gen & Kelly Tanabe on Choosing a College

What are the best schools for medicine?
I have always wanted to be a doctor. I am now searching for materials on the profession and possible college choices to build a successful career. What are the best schools with pre-medical degrees an... 
What is the best college?
I need help finding the right college so I need a list of the good colleges in each state. Also I would like to know what the difference is between a college and a university and which is better. Sign... 
Which colleges are good for a 2.5 GPA student?
I'm a high school junior who is really worried about my statistics. My GPA is only a 2.5, and my PSAT scores were 550 in critical reading and 600 in math. I don't take any honors classes or AP's, and ... 
What are good colleges for nutritional science?
Do you know of any colleges that have a strong program for a major in nutrition science? There are many colleges that I want to apply to, but they do not list nutritional sciences as one of their majo... 
What do I do if my dream school is no longer my dream school?
AHH! I am a junior this year, and I had decided on the college I wanted to go to halfway through my freshman year. Now I'm not so sure. I love the city, the student life looks great, but I don't know ... 
I want to be a veterinarian. How do I choose which college to go to?
How do I choose which college to go to? I love animals, and I want to be a veterinarian. Signed, Animal Doctor Aspirant

Dear Animal Doctor Aspirant: By knowing what you want to be when y... 
With thousands to choose from, how do I make sure I pick the right college?
I’ve heard that college is supposed to be the best four years of my life. With thousands to choose from, how do I make sure to pick the right one? I don’t want to make a mistake on such an important d... 
Do college brochures tell the real story?
I’m thinking about which colleges I want to apply to, but I don’t think I’m getting the real story by looking at the brochures from the colleges. What’s the best way to find out what a college is real... 
How do I choose a college that is right for me?
I’m a junior in high school, and my mailbox is overflowing with brochures from colleges from across the country. They all look good. How do I choose which one is right for me?
–Full Mailbox


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