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Gen & Kelly Tanabe on SAT, ACT, & Other Tests

How do I choose the best test prep company?
I am an ESL junior and need to improve my verbal SAT score. My highest score is 570. I missed 6 questions in the analogies section and 14 questions in the critical reading section. Where I live there ... 
Do I have to take both the SAT and ACT?
Do I have to take both the SAT and ACT to apply to colleges, or just one or the other? How do I find out which to take? Signed, Tests Galore

Dear Tests Galore: We don't know of many stud... 
How important are the SAT Subject Tests?
How important are the SAT Subject Tests in admission? Should I spend time studying for them? Signed, To Study Or Not

Dear To Study Or Not: It used to be that the SAT Subject Tests were t... 
Why was my SAT score so much lower than my PSAT score?
I have taken the PSAT two times and gotten the exact same score on both tests. When I took the actual SAT for the first time this year, I received a score 120 points lower than my previous PSAT scores... 
Can I improve my SAT score by 300 to 400 points?
Dear Experts: I took the SAT twice this year, and both times I scored poorly. I have taken the preparation course my school offered and tried different SAT study books. Is there any w... 
How many SAT Subject Tests should I take? What score is good enough?
I am a high school junior trying to get into an Ivy league school, preferably Harvard or Yale. Columbia is my safety school. First, I would like to know if a 710 on the chemistry SAT Subject Test is g... 
Do I have any hope with a 29 on the ACT?
I thought everything was going fine up through my junior year. I have a 4.2 GPA, and I am a well-rounded student. I play varsity athletics, have held many leadership positions and do community servic... 
Will my ACT scores count after I apply to colleges?
I've taken the ACT twice and my highest score so far is a 22. If I apply to colleges but later receive a higher score can it be changed? Is it okay to take the ACT again? Signed, Most Improved

Should I retake the SAT?
I am a high school senior and I just took my SAT for the second time. I received a 750 on the math section but only a 650 on the critical reading section. I'm not pleased with my critical reading perf... 
Is it worth the time and money to take an SAT course?
I took the SAT this spring and got a 1280 on the critical reading and math sections, which I think is good but not great. I’m thinking about taking a test preparation class to help boost my scores, bu... 

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